Child Custody Modifications – Do You Have A Case?

When the custody orders issued by the Texas family court no longer work out for one or both parents of a child, many parents may immediately seek child custody modifications.

Changes to the custody order are possible, but before attempting to make any, parents should first discuss the situation with a child custody modifications attorney.

Not every situation warrants changing the custody order. Modification of custody orders should only be sought in instances where there is a valid case to do so, the family court is most likely to agree with the request, and actually approve the changes.

What Are the Most Common Reasons to Seek Child Custody Modifications?

Child custody orders are controlled by the family court, which issues and upholds them in whatever way is necessary to benefit the child.

Naturally, there will always be times when these orders no longer work for one or both parents due to life changes, and child custody modifications are requested. 

The most requested changes that child custody modifications attorneys assist clients with are: 

  • A parent wants or needs to relocate
  • A parent is dealing with drugs or alcohol issues
  • A parent is attempting to alienate the other parent
  • A parent cannot or is unwilling to co-parent
  • The child desires changes to the arrangement

Do You Have A Case That Can Win In Court?

Before any court will grant a modification of custody orders it will assess the circumstance, and what the possible solutions may be.

Anything outside of the above five reasons may be more challenging to prove.

It is essential, for this reason, that anyone seeking changes to the order first meet with a child custody modifications attorney to discuss the problems at hand and determine whether these issues are case worthy, and likely to succeed in court.

What Happens When Modification Requests Are Denied?

Any parent seeking changes to their child custody order should only move forward with their case if an experienced modifications lawyer feels they have a valid, and winnable case.

The reason is that many times, losing the child custody modifications case can result in more than a simple rejection.

Firstly, it means paying lawyer and legal fees unnecessarily but more significantly, the court could actually decide to change payments, visitation, and other details against what was actually requested.

Then, upon reviewing the custody situation, the court could decide that it is the requesting parent that should pay more child support or be more flexible to the other parent, instead. 

Discuss Changes With A Child Custody Modifications Attorney First

Times change, and when they do, sometimes child custody modifications are necessary.

The family court will not make these changes randomly, however; the requested changes must be valid, and provide the most suitable solution to the problems that have arisen.

Any parent in need of solutions for a custody order that is not working out for them should first discuss it with a child custody modifications attorney.

Experienced custody modifications lawyers can advise parents on whether their situation would be considered in court and if they have a winnable case!