What Are The Types of Product Liability Claims in Texas?

When someone is injured by a product made by someone else, the manufacturer of that product might be liable for damages.

Product liability law firms do point out that there are different types of liabilities recognized in the state of Texas.

To file a legal complaint and seek compensation for a client’s injuries, product liability lawyers must start out by determining which type of claim to file based on what happened and why.

  1. Defects in the Design - When a design defect exists and it results in a person becoming injured, there could be grounds to claim damages against the manufacturer. The biggest difficulty that product liability attorneys find with these claims is that proving there is a design defect significant enough that it could cause an injury is extremely challenging.
  2. Defects in the Manufacturing - A manufacturing defect that results in an injury is usually caused by product manufacturers failing to adhere to federal safety standards, using substandard materials, or otherwise straying from the way the product designer meant for the product to be produced for safe use. In researching these cases, product liability law firms investigate whether the manufacturer withheld regulatory information or did not provide enough information in such a way that the public was sufficiently protected.
  3. Failure to Warn of Potential Dangers - It is a manufacturer’s duty to provide an adequate warning on the labels of their products of adverse effects or injuries that could occur with use. Warnings must be easily locatable on the packaging and easy to understand by an average person. When companies fail to do that, product liability lawyers may be able to file a claim for damages if someone is injured due to that lack of warning. It is up to the manufacturer to research what could go wrong with their products and document appropriate warnings to prevent related injuries. When they do not do this research or are otherwise unaware of the potential injuries their product can cause, the manufacturer can be held liable.

Anyone who has been injured by a product they have used can file an injury claim against the right party if their injury fits one of the above three types.

To learn more about product liability claims and whether a product manufacturer is liable for a particular injury, a product liability attorney experienced in this field and defining the three types of claims is the best one to discuss it with.