Does it Matter If A Family Law Attorney is Board Certified?

When choosing a family law attorney to help with a divorce, child custody, or any other family matter, finding the right one can be challenging.

It can involve a lengthy interview process to find the right match.

Hiring an attorney can also be expensive, especially when choosing a board-certified family law attorney, but there are many reasons why this is the better option.

Before choosing any attorney, it is critical to understand what makes board-certified family law lawyers a worthwhile investment in a client’s family law case. 

How Do Board-Certified Family Law Attorneys Differ?

What makes board-certified family law attorneys different?

It is all about experience and the ability to provide the right advice for clients while recognizing what is within the legal system.

To become a board-certified family law lawyer, one must do much more than simply pass a board exam. 

Legal Family Law Experience

Family law attorneys must first be qualified to even take the exam, which begins with having a minimum of five years of experience as a lawyer with a minimum of three years focused on their practice specialty of family law.

They must have been involved with a wide variety of family law cases such as divorces, property dispersal cases, child custody, and child support cases, adoptions, paternity cases, and others to illustrate their broad knowledge in the area of family law.  

Continuing Education

Becoming board-certified also requires a family law attorney to attend continuing education classes so they stay up to date with current laws and legal training.

An attorney must then be evaluated by judges and fellow lawyers, essentially receiving a positive recommendation from them for their eligibility to be considered.

Lastly, they must pass a difficult 6-hour examination. 

Board Certification is Voluntary

One other important factor to consider to understand why board-certified family law lawyers are the best option is that becoming board-certified is completely voluntary.

There is no requirement that any family law attorney does so, which is why only 1% of all lawyers in Texas are board-certified family law attorneys.

The ones that are have chosen to achieve this additional qualification due to their desire to provide the best legal advice for families in the variety of settings in which it is needed. 

The Value of Board Certification

Board-certified family law lawyers are committed to providing the best service possible to couples and families to help them through their challenging legal circumstances.

Regardless of what the issue is, choosing an experienced, compassionate, and qualified board-certified family law attorney will provide a more favorable solution to any family legal matter.